The 2023 Transforming Care Awards honor people who have made exceptional contributions to the health and wellness of the LGBTQ+ and/or HIV communities. Since 2016, we have been proud to offer this recognition to outstanding leaders in our community. 

This year’s award categories:

Trailblazing Community Advocate

This award recognizes a community advocate – including activists, community organizers, volunteers, etc. – who has had a lengthy tenure passionately advocating for the LGBTQ+ and/or HIV communities, and who has practiced radical inclusivity to help community members overcome racial, economic, ability, and/or language barriers.

Emerging Leader

This award recognizes a young and/or emerging healthcare provider, professional, student, or activist who has already made a significant positive and intersectional impact in the field of LGBTQ+ and/or HIV health and wellness.

Whole Person Health Care Champion

This award recognizes a provider of health & wellness services and/or a patient advocate who has helped patients overcome racial, economic, ability, and/or language barriers to care and/or provided radically inclusive LGBTQ+ and/or HIV/AIDS healthcare.