Tevin Giles

Tevin Giles

Through years of organizing and non-profit work in the LGBTA community, Tevin recognized the need for holistic, intersectional programs that center the most marginalized. This commitment led Tevin to coordinate transformative programs for LGBTQ youth, train educators/healthcare providers, organize against racism, push for diversity and inclusion in non-profits and education, and speak to diverse audiences on systematic oppression. These experiences led Tevin to join Howard Brown as an in.Power* Case Manager.

Presentation: The Multidisciplinary Response to LGBTQ Survivors of Sexual Harm
Day: Thursday
Time: Breakout Session 2
Where: Hancock

Presentation Description:
For over 40 years, Howard Brown Health has pioneered healthcare and wellness services for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community (LGBTQ).

In order to address the complex problem of sexual violence against the LGBTQ community, Howard Brown launched the first holistic LGBTQ-specific sexual assault response program in the nation: in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project. in.power* is devoted to sustaining a survivor-centered, multidisciplinary approach to this public health and societal crisis. The presentation will review the way that Howard Brown staff and community partners work together to create wrap around services and referrals for survivors that address their social, legal, mental health, spiritual, and physical healing in ways that respect their multiple identities. By discussing workflow, referrals, and the integration of care beyond the medical model in combination with best practices, the presentation aims to improve care for LGBTQ survivors across the nation.

1. Deepen an understanding of how sexual harm impacts the LGBTQ community (statistics, outcomes, etc.)
2. Identify the successes and challenges of providing care to LGBTQ survivors from a multidisciplinary medical team.
3. Enhance capacities and skills to provide culturally appropriate care for LGBTQ survivors of sexual harm.