Shae Ward

Shae Ward


Presentation: #JustWentViral
Day: Friday
Time: Breakout Session 1
Where: Delaware

Presentation Description:
Have difficulties connecting with young people? Worried about the time and cost associated with social media? And just what is a meme, exactly?

From this session, participants will gain insight from an experienced panel on how to successfully integrate social media and technology to enhance their programs. Discussion will be led by two separate social media projects, developed under the Project INK program.

The first project captured information on dating applications about the interest level in furthering user’s knowledge of health programs through “active outreach”. A diverse team conducted empirical research on daily conversations led by the intent to further community knowledge. This study was held over the course of 6 months, and highlighted some of the successes and obstacles that present themselves when using dating apps to encourage better health outcomes.

The second project is the “Sex (Ed.) in the Streets” video web series. This discussion will showcase how to implement innovative multimedia marketing in a way that appeals to a program’s focus population while also fostering general interest in modeling healthy sexual behaviors. This dialogue will also revel tips and strategies on how to produce cost-effective, engaging materials.

The remainder of the session will highlight how other local advocates in this community utilize technology and social media to create their own brands, support the LGBTQ community and advocate for capacity building in relation to HIV/AIDs.

1. Enhancing general knowledge about internet culture.
2. Dissecting the Intersection between the internet and LGBTQ/sexual health.
3. Engineering innovative methods in dispersing health/program information.
4. Using social media and technology to help fill the gaps that exist in the continuum of care.
5. Developing safe spaces to build relationships within the community and promote program outcomes via those relationships.