John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman is the Vice President of the Central Ohio Fair Housing Association located in Columbus, Ohio. John teaches fair housing to housing professionals that sell real estate or staff private property management companies. He also teaches staffing for properties funded by HUD and the Department of Agriculture, Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties, and properties designed to serve special populations such as children, seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and other vulnerable populations. John conducts continuing education classes on Fair Housing for Social Workers, Realtors and Appraisers and other professionals whose work intersects with housing. John has a BA from Capital University. He lives in the village of Pleasant Hill in Miami County, Ohio.

Presentation: Housing IS Health Care in the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS Community
Day: Thursday
Time: Breakout Session 1
Where: Alumni Lounge

Presentation Description:
We know that people living with HIV experience health disparities, as do individuals with a history of incarceration or other legal concerns. Individuals at the intersection of both of these identities can be especially vulnerable, and may have very specific needs from helping professionals, from both a clinical and community perspective. This facilitated panel presentation will include the experiences of several clinical social workers and other helping professionals who serve hiv-positive clients with a history of incarceration.

Presentation Objectives:
1. Participants will learn about disparities and barriers faced by HIV+ clients who have a history of incarceration.
2. Participants will learn about resources, tools, and techniques intended to address the needs of this community, as well hearing examples of ways in which various helping professionals have applied these resources in their own practices.
3. Participants will learn basic information about HIV decriminalization laws and advocacy work.

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