Dan Wohlfeiler

Dan Wohlfeiler

Dan Wohlfeiler has worked in HIV/STD prevention since 1987. He is the Director of Building Healthy Online Communities, which seeks to improve prevention strategies on dating sites and mobile apps. Previously, he worked at the World Health Organization, the AIDS Program of Catalonia (Spain), and directed programs at STOP AIDS Project in San Francisco. He also serves as the Chief of the Office of Policy, Planning and Communications of the STD Control Branch at the California Department of Health. His primary interest is in building collaboration between public health and businesses to improve sexual health. A former journalist and documentary filmmaker, he earned master’s degrees in journalism and public health from the University of California at Berkeley.

Presentation: How to Intervene on Sexual Networks (and why!)
Day: Friday
Time: Breakout Session 3
Where: Delaware


1. To familiarize participants with how sexual networks affect HIV/STD transmission
2. To increase understanding of how online interventions can help reduce HIV/STD transmission

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