Amy Jacobs

Amy Jacobs

Amy Jacobs, LMSW currently works at the University of Michigan’s HIV/AIDS Treatment Program in Ann Arbor, MI. She has worked as an HIV Social Worker since 2004 and at UMHS since 2010. Amy provides medical social work, adjustment counseling, and individual and group therapy with HIV-positive individuals and their family members. She has provided therapy to BDSM practitioners, as well as people in CNM relationships, and has presented on the topic at the University of Michigan, and both local and national conferences and events.

Presentation: Cultural Competency for Practitioners Serving BDSM and Kink-identified Clients
Day: Thursday
Time: Breakout Session 4
Where: Delaware

Presentation Description:
As healthcare services begin to embrace LGBTQ-identified clients, and strive for cultural competence with these clients, it is vital that the myriad of subcultures within the LGBTQ community be counted and considered. As with other marginalized sexual identities, misunderstandings abound regarding our clients who practice BDSM and Kink. As a result, many BDSM/Kink-identified clients report being less likely to seek medical care due to stigma, fear of provider rejection, and concerns about providers reporting consensual sexual behavior as abuse.

This presentation will provide an introduction to BDSM and Kink identities, and assist clinicians and other helping professionals in better serving this growing population.

Presentation Objectives:
1. Learn how to speak to and about clients with BDSM or Kink identities in a culturally sensitive way.
2. Learn to parse consensual sexual practices from abuse and coercion.
3. Learn how to make your practice welcoming to BDSM/Kink-identified individuals.
4. Learn how to incorporate BDSM and Kink considerations into health risk reduction planning.