Discover Differences. Break Barriers. Reduce Disparities.

When we seek health care, or counseling, or support services, we do so as whole beings. We do not bring only the sick part of ourselves, or the queer part of ourselves, the trans part, or the Black part. We do not leave behind the part that relies on faith, or has never been able to afford healthcare, or thinks most clearly in Spanish. We cannot stop being the person who seeks joy, and pleasure, and peace of mind. To ask us to do so is to provide us inadequate care.

This year’s conference theme—Discover Differences, Break Barriers, Reduce Disparities—will focus on reducing health disparities by creating medical and behavioral health settings that are radically inclusive of those most in need of services. Workshops and plenary addresses will center the experiences of patients and clients and amplify those voices typically marginalized in healthcare forums.


This year’s conference will feature

Elevate Your Voice at TCC!

a series of rapid-fire personal presentations highlighting firsthand accounts of LGBTQ+ folks experiencing, navigating, and/or avoiding healthcare and social services.

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