2018 Transforming Care Conference – Accepted Presentations

The schedule is currently being developed. Dates and times of presentations TBD.


Health Literacy: How to use teach-back and Ask me 3
by Charles Abernathy & Cort Drake

Reframing Healthcare: A Discussion of LGBT Cancer Risk Factors and Barriers to Care
by Christin Brown, Andrew Orlando, & Amy Magorien

Trans-Inclusive Insurance Access and the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Understanding Your Patient Rights and Navigating the Emerging Barriers within the Trump Administration’s Dept. of Health and Human Services
by Timothy Bussey

Banned but Proud: Rights and Access to Care for active duty transgender soldiers and potential recruits.
by Jody Davis & Jonah Minot

Intersectionality: Sexuality, Incarceration, & HIV
by Kelly Gjeldum, Meghan McGowan, Edricka Hardge, & Aneshia Soloman

Assessing the Diverse Health Needs of the Aging LGBTQA Community
by Marie Walters, Justin Anderson, & Morgan Alexander

Optimizing Care to Improve Access for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Patients
by Kelly Wesp & Mimi Rivard

Statewide All Parts Collaborative to Align CQM Priorities to Advance the Quality of Care
by Brieann Wolfe & Caitlin Kapper

Opportunities for Mobile Technology to Improve Engagement and Health Outcomes of PLWHA: A Howard Brown Health demonstration project of HRSA/Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS)
by James Zuniga, Reynaldo Cordova, Eric Stewart, & Sarah Shulbank-Smith

Lawsuits and the Fight for Transgender Rights
by Ben Cooper & Carly Edelstein-Cooper

Youth Across Borders: Fostering Connections & Combatting HIV Stigma
by Cory Dambrosio & Devin Quinn

1.5 Years in: Changes in LGBTQ Policy Under the Trump Administration
by Adam Eickmeyer

Human Trafficking Awareness within the LGBTQ and PLWH Communities Workshop
by Amanda Friesel, Jennifer Stokes, & Abigail Lindstrom

Planting your own ACORN (Advocacy, Community, Outreach, Resources, and Networking): A Personal Analysis
by Kimberly Sue Griffiths

A Fight for Our Lives and Our Futures: Long-term HIV Survivors Help Shape the Golden Years for Older LGBTQ Adults
by Jerry Mallicoat, Marie Walters, & Linda Krasiensko

When Identities Collide: Lessons from Parents Raising LGBTQ+ Children
by Jody Mugele, Stacy Drake, Ani Palacios, & Jaron Terry

The Case for Sex Ed As a Matter of Survival for Sexual Minority Youth: Why We All Should be Sex Ed Advocates
by Shaina Munoz, Lindsay Marcus, & Jean Frank

Examining Preventive and Curative Legal Models and their potential impact on LGBT Clients: A look at Case Western’s Human Trafficking Law Project and the creation of Equality Ohio’s State-Wide LGBT Legal Clinic
by Maya Simek

…Did They Really Just Say That?! Being an Active Bystander
by Lena Tenney

Reducing HIV Stigma: The Evolution of the Ohio Health Modernization Movement
by Kim Welter, Julie Patterson, & Bryan Jones

Stand Up, Speak Up: a candid conversation by/for community members and medical providers
by Jane Balbo & J. Scott Kirkendall

Improving Access to Care: Using a standardized patient experience to prepare Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) students to care for LGBTQ patients with cultural humility
by Elizabeth Kuzma, Christie Graziano, Cynthia Darling-Fishe, & Michelle Pardee

Medical Care of Gender Diverse Youth: A Panel Discussion
by Gina Minot

Perception of Gender within the Therapeutic Relationship
by Will Varnum

The LGBTQ Patient Study: Lessons of Care
by DeAnn Wegwert & Joseph Wegwert

Gender identity and the electronic medical record: Creating institutional change in a pediatric hospital
by Gayathri Chelvakumar & Justin Indyk

Sex Education for All: Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Ed Programs
by Sarah Dahlston & Erica Klang

#RiseUp: Fostering Resiliency in Youth Experiencing Homelessness
by Benjamin Di’Costa

What’s In A Name? How Title Influences Clinical Impact – How To Navigate Peer Navigators
by Lea Dooley, Josh Alexander, & Tiera Decker

Increase Retention in Care: The Importance of a High-Performing Culture of Health Literacy
by Erin Gerbec & Sheri Chaney Jones

When You Want To Bang Your Client: Sexual Countertransference and How to Manage It
by Amy Jacobs & Jennifer Schwartz

Moving from Queer Theory to Queer Practice: Clinical application for all that stuff you learned in gender studies class.
by Jennifer Schwarz & Amy Jacobs

Impact of LGBTQ Cultural Competence on Knowledge and Attitudes of Registered Nurses
by Tyler Traister

American History of HIV
by Kat Holtz, Gil Kudrin, & Brooke Willis

Fighting for Our Lives: Suicide Prevention within LGBTQ and PLWH Communities
by Elizabeth Cannon

Recognizing and Healing from Ambiguous Loss
by Joshua Culbertson

Embodiment, Breath, and Field: A Gestalt Approach to Trans and LGB Empowerment
by Sadie DelPropost & Ellen Hoffman

Evaluating Anxiety and Depression in Transgender Patients at The Ohio State University Transgender Primary Care Clinic
by Benjamin Green

“Genderation” of Youth: Our approach to an Affirming Behavioral Health Assessment Across Development
by Scott Leibowitz, Anna Kerlek, & Shane Gahn

Talk Saves Lives
by Jane Lewins

LGBTQIA+ Competent Care: Beyond Definitions- A Call to Action
by Tammy Moore

Navigating Health Insurance for Transition Related Care: Medicaid and Beyond
by Terrahl Taylor

LGBTQ+ Youth in the Context of Schools: Insights for Health Care Advocates
by Joseph Wegwert & DeAnn Wegwert

Biomedical HIV Prevention: Implementing a PrEP Linkage-To-Care Program

by Michael Burnett, John Henry, & Heather Searfoss-Allaire

Panel Discussion on the impact of HIV on Long Term survivors and Health Care
by Graig Cote

Love Saves Lives: Increasing Equity in Organ Donation and Transplantation Through Listening, Learning, and Implementing the HOPE Act
by Brianna Doby

Empowerment self defense as a healing and prevention modality
by Julie Harmon

Every body for everybody! Adventures and learning in creating queer-centered sex education
by Elijah Johnson, Liam Gallagher, & Chelsea Varnum

Oh, PAPI…Have you heard about the new statewide PrEP program?
by Zach Reau

Who Refuses: Correlates of Opt-Out HIV Test Refusal at an Urban, Community-Based Health Clinic in Chicago.
by Tommy Schafer

Putting It Out: Addressing Tobacco Disparities, Prevention, and Cessation in the LGBTQ Community
by Dana White & Kelly Hill


Urban Zen Integrative Therapy
by Alissa Jackson

Self Defense
by Chris Cozad

by Kat Holtz

by Julie Harmon

Power Yoga
by Erin Phelps

by Olga Irwin

Yoga Workshop & Self Defense Workshop
by Helen Yee

Mindfulness, Breathing
by Alex Wessels