The Equitas Health Institute posts available presentations from the Transforming Care Conference for educational purposes. Please note all presentation materials are copyrighted by each individual presenter and should not be used without permission of the owner.

Bussey, Timothy R. — Trans-Inclusive Insurance Access and the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Understanding Your Patient Rights and Navigating the Emerging Barriers within the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Culbertson, Joshua — Recognizing and Healing from Ambiguous Loss

Dahlston, Sarah & Erica Klang — Sex Education for All: Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Ed Programs 

Davis, Jody & Jonah Minot — Banned by Proud: Rights and Access to Care for Active Duty Transgender Soldiers and Potential Recruits

Gerbec, Erin & Sheri Chaney Jones — Increase Retention in Care: The Importance of a High-Performing Culture of Health Literacy 

Griffiths, Kimberly Sue  — Planting Your Own ACORN (Advocacy, Community, Outreach, Resources, and Networking): A Personal Analysis

Holtz, Kat — The American History of HIV

Kuzma, Elizabeth, Cynthia Darling-Fisher, Christie Graziano, & Michelle Pardee — Improving Access to Care: Using a Standard Patient Experience to Prepare Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (ARPN) Students to Care for LGBTQ+ Patients with Cultural Humility.

Mallicoat, Jerry, Linda Krasienko, & Marie Walters — A Fight for Our Lives and Our Futures: Long-term HIV Survivors Help Shape the Golden Years for Older LGBTQ+ Adults

Moore, Tammy L. — LGBTQIA+ Comptetent Care: Beyond Definitions – A Call to Action

Singleton, LuSter & Mikayla Robinson — PrEP & PEP for Providers, HIV Prevention in the 21st Century

Welter, Kim, Bryan Jones, & Julie Patterson — Reducing HIV Stigma: The Evolution of the Ohio Health Modernization Movement presentation