Equitas Health Institute is posting presentations from Transforming Care Conference for educational purposes. Please note all presentation materials are copyrighted by each individual presenter and should not be used without permission of the owner.

Baker, Paige Leigh & Katie Luendecke – The Multidisciplinary Response to LGBTQ Survivors of Sexual Violence

Balbo, Jane – Trans Care Boot Camp

bautista, delfin – Rainbow Intersectionality and Queering Privilege

Best, Stefanie – Addressing Bi Health Disparities 2017

Capasso, Coyote – Routine and Effective Sexual Histories Getting Comfortable with Talking About Sex

Clark, Emily, Jody Davis, Abbey Carter Logan, & Kacie Pedon – Bodies in Transition

Cooper, Ben – Name & Gender Changes in Ohio

Crockett-Miller, Heather – Open Wide! What you and your patients/clients need to know to achieve optimal oral health

Davis, John – HPV Prevention & Treatment in Special Populations

Davis, Melissa & Maria Barnett – Transgender 201 Case Discussion Group

Dubin, Sam – Bringing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection and Education to an Academic Medical Center

Freeman, Cara & Jessica Cohen-Ross – Opening Your Space – Promoting Participant-centered Approaches to Cultural Humility through a Stage-based Approach

Gates, Gary – Assessing LGBT Health Demographics of Coming Out

Goodpasture, Amanda & Maria Brown – Implementing an HCV Program in an Established ASO During Its Transition to Community Health

Homan, Jessica – Providing Care for LGBTQ Veterans

Jones, Peyton, Carly Deremo, & David Oblinger – Consensual Non-Monogamy 101

Krishen, Adarsh, Brian Lutz, & Andrew Kohn – Family Planning and the LGBTQ Community

Leibowitz, Scott & Anna Kerlok – Todays Genderation of Youth: Affirming Behaviroal Health Assessmentt and Treatment of Gender Diverse and Transgender Youth Across Development to Promote Authentic and Positive Outcomes

Licking, Oliver – Neurobiology of Trauma from a Queer and Transgender Lens

Madkins, Krystal – Assessing the Viability of Self-Collected Urethral and Rectal Samples for Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing in an Online HIV Prevention Intervention for Young Sexual Minority Men

Makadon, Harvey – Transforming Your Practice To Be Welcoming and Inclusive of LGBTQ People, Overcoming Health Disparities, and Achieving Health Equity

Malone, Kara – Lesbian Health What We Have and What We Need

McFarlane, Kynetta – Evidence Based Therapies with Gender Diverse Youth

McGinnis, Jazz – Smashing Barriers: Facilitating Accessible and Affirming Health Services for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Individuals

Meyer, Melissa – It Takes a Village to End LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

Murray, Ronald – Tens Or Chops Reaching the House and Ballroom Community

Nahata, Leena – Fertility Preservation Among Transgender Youth

Nelson, Emma – Tackling Health Disparities & Inequities Interventions, Strategies & Considerations for Successful Linkage, Viral Suppression & Retention Among Newly Diagnosed Young Black MSM

Novak, Eric – Panel Discussion with Questions & Answers on Long Term HIV Survivorship

Peterson, Petey – Trans 101 Trans*cending Gender: Deconstructing the Binary

Presser, Brynne & Michael Sharp – If You Build It, Will They Come

Rice, Cara – Discrimination and Mental Health among Sexual Minority Adults in the United States Implications for Intervention

Schwartz, Jennifer & Amy Jacobs – Cultural Competency with BDSM Kink-Identified ClientsIf You Build It, Will They Come

Serano, Julia – Biological Sex and the Pathologization of Transgender Identities

Slack-Peterson, Tania, Regent Epperson, Health Searfoss-Allaire, & Micheal Sharp – Keep Calm and Implement: A Case Study in Adopting Motivational Interviewing

Stobinski, CJ – Undetectable = Untransmittable

Varnum, Will & Chelsea Varnum – Partners in Change: One Couple’s Experience of Transition within a Marriage

Vaughan, Michelle & Peyton Cole – Healthcare Needs and Experiences Non-Monogamous Adults

Ward, Shae & Daryl Griffith – #justwentviral

Welter, Kim & Jennifer Tiedt – Aging at Home as an LGBTQ Ohioan

Wesp, Kelly & Bonney Harnish – Improving HIV Health Outcomes from a Person-Centered Approach

White, Dana & Kelly Hill – Creating Tobacco Free Initiatives for LGBTQ Communities