Equitas Health Institute is posting presentations from Transforming Care Conference for educational purposes. Please note all presentation materials are copyrighted by each individual presenter and should not be used without permission of the owner.

Alexander, Melissa – Medical Needs and Issues of the Transgender and Gender-Variant Community

Carter, James – Taking it from the Street to the Session

Daberko, Cecilia – Lesbian Hindrance to Women’s Preventive Healthcare: A Path to Reform

Gallagher, Liam – Going Beyond LGBTQ 101: Examining the Intersections of Identity and Sexuality through a Trans Lens

Gallagher, Liam – Surgical Options for FtM Folks

Galligher, Arianna – Navigating Disclosure

Gum, Lori – Ensuring Access: The Affordable Care Act and the LGBTQ Community

Keglovitz-Baker, Kristin – Cultural Humility: Effective Approaches to Healthcare for the Lesbian/Bisexual/AFAB Community

Keglovitz-Baker, Kristin –Integration of Clinic-Based, Opt-out Testing for HCV Into an Existing HIV Testing Framework at a Community Health Center in Chicago

Kerlek, Anna – Mental Health Considerations for Transgender Youth

Lentine, Dan – Addressing the Health of LGBT People through Public Health & Primary Care Collaboration

Lowther, Matthew – PrEP Case Management

Maierhofer, Courtney – High Levels of Self-Reported Prescription Opioid Use by HIV-positive Individuals

Marshal, Michael – Taking Stock of an Emerging Literature: Mental Health Disparities Among LGBTQ Youth

Morris, Michael – Transgender Studies Beyond the University: How Else Might We Tell Our Own Stories?

Patterson, Julie – Sharing Your Voice: Tips for Busy Research Advocates

Schwartz, Jennifer – Cultural Competency with Consensually Non-Monogamous Adults

Stauff, Lynne – Tobacco-Use Reduction in PLWH

Stockton, Jan – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP):Preventing HIV Transmission in High-Risk Populations

Taylor, Terrahl – Addiction in LGBTQ Communities: Improving Cultural Competence and Integrating Harm Reduction in a Substance Free Community Treatment Setting

Varnum, Chelsea – Youth-Centered Sex Education: Building Inclusive Spaces that Support Critical Thinking

Warner, Harry – Removing Barriers for Trans Clients Seeking Gender Affirming Medical Treatments

Wohlfeller, Dan – How to Intervene on Sexual Networks (and why!)

Zimmerman, John – Housing IS Health Care in the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS Community